Color Inspiration Behind the Stunning Cottages Known as Camp Pocono Pines

Monica Mangin of Camp Pocono Pines Shares Expert Tips on How to Pair Paint and Wallpaper

Nestled among the pine trees in the Pocono Mountains, you will find Camp Pocono Pines. The 100-year-old camp features 6 stunning and colorful cottages, each renovated into a one-of-a-kind rental.

Camp Pocono Pines owner, Monica Mangin, has transformed the cottages into beautifully decorated home-away-from-homes featuring Tempaper peel and stick wallpaper and splashes of bold paint.

“Tempaper wallpaper helped breathe energy and life into the cottages at Camp Pocono Pines. Having so many options for colors and patterns helped make each cottage's style completely unique!” – Monica Mangin, Camp Pocono Pines Owner

Distinguished by their exterior paint colors, the six unique cottages of Camp Pocono Pines include: The Black Cottage, The Peach Cottage, The Red Cottage, The Yellow Cottage, The Blue Cottage, and The Green Cottage.

Tempaper Peel and Stick Wallpaper Featured in Camp Pocono Pines

Tempaper can be found in two of the vintage cabins located in Camp Pocono Pines: The Peach Cottage and The Green Cottage.

Block Print Floral wallpaper on a wall of a rental cabin Block Print Floral Wallpaper in a room with a table
Block Print Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Block Print Floral (pictured above) was chosen for the sunroom in The Peach Cottage and was paired with a soft, subtle pink paint. The neutral paint was the perfect choice, bringing out the soft tones featured in the bold green wallpaper from The Novogratz collection

A wood bedside table is in front of yellow bird wallpaper in a bedroom  Tallulah Belle peel and stick wallpaper on the wall of a cabin
Feather Flock Peel and Stick Wallpaper (L) Tallulah Belle Peel and Stick Wallpaper (R)

Feather Flock Golden Hour (pictured above left) and Tallulah Belle (pictured above right) were both selected for The Green Cottage. Feather Flock helped create a calming bedroom while Tallulah Belle added a playful pop of pattern to the living room.

If you are wondering how to mix and match wallpaper and paint, Monica has shared her expert tips on how to pair paint and wallpaper. Additionally, she shared her process of finding the perfect paint color and wallpaper for a bedroom and living room.

What are your tips on how to pick the best paint color to pair with wallpaper?

Monica: First, decide if you want the paint to complement the paper or contrast with it. Both can work, but each would give a different vibe. In one of the cottage’s sunrooms, I went for contrast and used Tempaper's Block Print Floral bold green wallpaper. I paired it with a soft, subtle pink so it really popped against the neutral pink tone.

In one of the living rooms, I used Tempaper's Tallulah Belle light floral wallpaper, but this time, I paired it with a similar neutral paint tone so the two blended more seamlessly together. It really depends on what style you're trying to achieve!

Feather Flock crane bird peel and stick wallpaper on wall behind a bed
Feather Flock Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Favorite colors and prints to use in a bedroom?

Monica: There are too many favorites to choose - I think you need to first think about the energy you want to feel in your space. If you want a room that is more calming and helps you feel restful, I'd go with a more subtle print. Think smaller patterns, lighter or tone on tone colors. If you want a room that invigorates you in the morning and helps you get out of bed, consider going big and bold! Oversized florals, geometric patterns and lots of color would easily achieve that look!

Favorite colors and prints to use in a living room?

Monica: I love infusing a living room with energy, so I use strong colors - think rich jewel tones, or having some fun with bright, primary colors. These strong colors pair great with oversized patterns, clean stripes, and playful patterns!

If you are looking for a memorable cabin getaway in the Poconos, Camp Pocono Pines offers a truly unique experience. Check them it out here. The entire property can accommodate up to 21 guests.

You can also create vacation vibes in your home year-round with our peel and stick, removable wallpaper designs at Tempaper. Shop and find your perfect print below.

A special thank you to Monica for sharing her helpful tips on how to match wallpaper with paint.

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