New! Curiosities Collection

New! Curiosities Collection

The new Curiosities Collection explores the modern wonder and timeless whimsy with lush and dreamy scenes inspired by nature. The artistry of Curiosities is evident in both its aesthetic and design process. The ornate aspects of the Leopards and Scandi Floral prints are the results of hand-painted elements, rendered through Tempaper’s gravure press method—a technique that stays true to the art of traditional wallpaper making. 

“Offering these extraordinary, artistic design styles in rich colorways as removable wallpaper is something, we are extremely proud of,” said Jennifer Matthews, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Tempaper. “The details feature more colors than ever before, exemplifying our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design to provide elegant, high-impact products.”

Rich coloring and elaborate detailing enhance the collection’s bohemian allure. Any setting will be transformed into a stunning landscape. Curiosities includes four distinct removable wallpaper patterns – Leopards, Scandi Floral, textured Grasscloth Fans, and Clouds.



Can’t decide on the best way to tame your unruly white walls? Perhaps they need a cattitude adjustment. Leopards pattern leaps out with vintage inspirations of jungle cats perched in tall trees. Leopards print is launching in two colorways: Lime (shown) and Mocha.



Scandinavian inspirations are the freshest way to do florals. If color, charm, and whimsy guide your decorative point of view, Scani Floral's folkloric pattern showcases exactly what you love. And in full bloom! Both Leopards and Scandi Floral prints feature six to seven colors, exceeding how removable wallpaper is traditionally designed.  Scandi Floral print is launching in two colorways: Botanical (shown) and Teal.



Could the missing piece to your décor story be as simple as finding the ideal grasscloth removable wallpaper? Absolutely! Grasscloth Fans textured and metallic allure will help you weave a variety of themes together in one room, striking the perfect balance between stately and sophisticated. Grasscloth Fans combines texture with metallic inks for a look that’s both sentimental and striking. Grasscloth Fans print is launching in two colorways: Natural Bronze (shown) and Citron.



Clouds offers infinite possibilities to transform your ceilings, your walls, anything, and everything. Equal parts wonder and whimsy, these clouds capture your attention and hold it. At least until you’re ready to redesign, and then it’s 1, 2, 3… peel off and replace with your next favorite removable wallpaper print. Clouds print is available in two colorways: Fog Grey (shown) and Blue Sky. Shop CLOUDS Removable Wallpaper HERE

Tempaper removable wallpaper offers individuals the freedom to take chances with decorating, to embrace pattern, texture, and color, and to create expressive interiors without worrying about long-term commitment. Self-adhesive and repositionable, our peel-and-stick-wallpaper is easy to apply and will remove cleanly when it is time to remove.