Design Style: 3 Questions With Nesting With Grace

Design Style: 3 Questions With Nesting With Grace


A laundry room makeover may be the last thing on your to-do list, but since it’s a space we all frequent more than we would like, doesn’t it deserve a little pick me up?!?  Last week on Nesting With Grace, Brooke made over a friend's laundry room. If you are not inspired to start an overhaul of your own we would be floored!  Since Brooke is no stranger to Tempaper and has used removable wallpaper in a lot of her makeovers; like HERE and HERE. We thought it would not only be fun, but insightful to ask Brooke her thoughts on Tempaper.

Tempaper: What would you say to someone who has never Tempaper’ed before and is really nervous about doing it themselves… but REALLY wants to update a space in their house?

Brooke: I always tell people that this is the BEST product to dip your toe in the wallpapering water! It is straightforward to use and easy to remove. I always so GO FOR IT!! 


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Tempaper: How do you figure out if the print is right for you and your space?

Brooke: My only rule for designing a space is to START WITH A PLAN! Creating a design board is so easy. Take pictures of the items you are wanting to add to the space and test out different wallpapers alongside the pillows, rugs, and art you are eyeing for your space. When you see it side by side on your design board, you will feel more secure committing to a print. 

To view more Tempaper print mood boards please check out our Pinterest board: MOOD BOARD LOVE


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Tempaper: Since you have used Tempaper and other removable wallpaper a lot over the past few years, what is one quick tip you can give to someone who is just starting out?

Brooke: Always buy more than you think you will need. It really kills your installation momentum to have to stop because you've run out of paper. 

We agree with Brooke! When figuring out your square footage, always take into account waste. Similar to traditional wallpaper, when working with Tempaper (sold by the roll) you will have some waste when aligning repeats. This is why we recommend you always round up. Feel free to use the Tempaper Wallpaper Calculator to help calculate your square footage. If you are not sure about how much to order, simply send your project details to our team HERE and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.  

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