What's Your Zodiac Style

What's Your Zodiac Style

Let the stars guide you when choosing color and pattern for your home!  Your sign can say a lot about your style. We rounded up our top removable wallpaper prints for each sign. 

Thriving on structure, Capricorns are goal-oriented, planners, conservative, realistic and loyal. This earth sign loves traditional décor and is drawn to subdued greens, greys, and blacks.

Social and eclectic, Aquarians have no boundaries and love to make bold statements. Contemporary spaces suit this air sign well when adorned in shades of blue, silver and white.

Intimate creatures, Pisces are known for being mysterious and intuitive, the true dreamers of the horoscope. Their deep connection to the earth and sea leads them to decorate with soft colors and natural textures.


Ruled by Fire, Aries are known for being creative and brave. Their fearless nature rules every aspect of their life and surely doesn’t stop when it comes to home décor. Their motto go bold or go home!

Loyalty and practicality are key traits of this earth sign. A true provider, Taurus prefers to be grounded, enjoying earthly pleasures, so decorating with muted tones and pastels are right up their style library. 

Vibrant in their communication, Geminis desire versatility and tend to energize those around them. These social butterflies are always changing it up. Prints that are grounded with white or light pastels are the best for their space.  


Highly intuitive, Cancers are natural nurturers and prefer a relaxing, subdued space to home come to. Silvery blues, smokey greens, and soft greens are colors you might find in this water signs home.


Leos known for their passionate creativity, are majestic leaders that energize those around them. This fire sign turns to bold prints and vibrant tones to show off their true colors.

Conservative in nature, Virgos are known for being a teacher of self-worth and well-being. This earth sign is drawn to shades of green and brown that remind them of nature.


As intellectual beings, Libras love relationships and see extreme value in communication. They welcome anything that sparks harmony and peace.


Highly intuitive, this water sign is in tune with themselves and their surroundings.  Scorpios create a space that reflects their passion and style using dark, intense color and fine details or a mix of neutral shades offset with dark accents and texture.

Always for adventure, Sagittarius are known to dream big and take risks. Their homes are a reflection of their globetrotting, outdoor lifestyle where rich purples and dark blues embody their energy.