How To Transform Your Space Using Tempaper Mini Stripes

How To Transform Your Space Using Tempaper Mini Stripes

From powder rooms to parties, these versatile mini stripes pack a big punch! We rounded up a few design projects using our Mini Stripes below to show you how to incorporate these easy-to-install removable stripes into your space.


Mini Stripes are perfect when working in smaller spaces like a bathroom or powder room. Applying the stripe vertically can elongate a room. PMQ for TWO chose Tempaper Mini Stripes as part of a design element when creating a Kate Spade inspired powder room. 



Megan Pflug took creativity one step further and used our self-adhesive, removable mini stripes as an accent to her windows over on the One Kings Lane blog.  She shows us how to instantly change the look of your windows.  By trimming the ends of the stripe and framing the window where trim would normally be found, Megan created a fun and unique focal point. This is a great addition to windows that don't have trim and also is an eccentric accent to window treatments that you might already have in place. 

Images via One Kings Lane Blog



Having moved 6 times, Jewel of Jewel Interiors was determined to create an amazing space for her daughter's new room. She chose to cut Tempaper Mini Stripes in half and apply to all 4 walls of the room for a more light, airy, and ethereal feel.  She also added a layer of stripe design to her daughter's desk. To learn more about this DIY project head over to her blog HERE.




Kristin Chambless of Color By K decided to transform an area in her event space into a DIY photobooth.  One classic striped wall and a couple of giranomo balloons can create a unique photo-op for both guests of honor and partygoers. 

Images via Kristin Chambless