Wanderlust - A Boho Peel and Stick Wallpaper Collection

Wanderlust - A Boho Peel and Stick Wallpaper Collection


Wanderlust is defined as the desire to travel and the lust for wandering. The word originates from Germany, in which wandern means “to hike or roam” and lust means “pleasure or delight.”
In 2020, so many of us were looking to indulge our wanderlust during a year of being homebound. With the inability to explore the world during lockdown, people began to explore ways to decorate their homes instead.

Our Wanderlust Collection at Tempaper brings the world to you. These colorful and globally inspired designs are inspired by the most wondrous places.

“The designs from Wanderlust are colorful, whimsical, and exotic - a beautiful collection to explore.” – Jennifer Matthews, CCO + Co-Founder at Tempaper

We are excited to introduce our first bohemian wallpaper collection at Tempaper. Our new fall designs include an eclectic selection of colorful and joyful boho-inspired peel and stick prints, helping to satisfy our need for adventure.

This modern boho wallpaper collection celebrates cultural heritage and rich traditions featuring classic patterns that have been reimagined in fresh and vibrant hues. If you are a fan of the boho design trend, these beautiful colors will bring new life and energy into your boho style interior.

Wanderlust was created to satisfy your desire to travel without leaving the comfort of your home. Perhaps it will stir up fond memories from your favorite vacation or inspire plans to visit a new destination in the future.

“This collection brings me back to my backpacking days in Australia and New Zealand. Australians and Kiwis have such a zest for life and travel.” – Jennifer Matthews

Explore our Wanderlust Collection

Our aesthetic boho wallpaper designs are created to fuel your adventurous spirit and help you create a happier home. What type of story will you be inspired to tell? Shop our Wanderlust Collection on our website and begin your adventure today.

Pacific Wave


This colorful damask wallpaper is rendered in two vibrant hues, Sundance and Blue Water. This energetic print is the perfect blend of traditional and modern decor. Add this damask peel and stick wallpaper design in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms for a pop of bold color and beautiful style. Shop Pacific Wave today.

Inspired by Indonesia

These dynamic and captivating paint strokes are reminiscent of Ikat weaving, an Indonesian dyeing technique that dyes threads before they are woven into textiles. This unique and complex print brings worldly style into interiors.


Canvas Palm

This tropical leaf peel and stick wallpaper is available in a gorgeous green colorway, bringing beauty and warmth into your home. This textured print brings the outdoors inside, helping you transform living rooms, bathrooms, and more into a lush bohemian jungle. Shop Canvas Palm today.

Inspired by the Tropics

This effortless painting on canvas is reminiscent of the Fauvism Art Movement, which emphasized painterly designs and textured brushwork.



This watercolor bohemian peel and stick wallpaper is available in two stunning shades, Saffron Sun and Wandering Rose. This graceful and delicate print appears light and airy compared to a traditional damask pattern and easily adds a dreamy touch to entryways, nurseries and bedrooms. Shop Bohemia today.

Inspired by Silk Brocade

This ornate design is our watercolor interpretation of silk brocade, a rich fabric that is often made in gold and silver threads.

Block Print Leaves

Bring the art of block printing into your home with this wavy palm leaves peel and stick wallpaper. This contemporary wallpaper design is available in Black Jade and White Clay, adding rhythm and movement to living rooms, bedrooms, and more. Shop Block Print Leaves today.

Inspired by Block Printing

Block Printing is considered one of the oldest types of printmaking, dating back to the fifth century BC. With roots in India, Japan and China, each authentic hand block printed fabric has its own unique story to tell.


Inspired by the rising sun, this sun peel and stick wallpaper design is reminiscent of the first morning of vacation, bringing a burst of inspiration and optimism into your space. Bring warmth to your walls with Sunbeam in a Copper Haze colorway. Shop Sunbeam today.

Inspired by African textiles

Africa is home to a variety of distinctive techniques and styles. This simple geometric design is reminiscent of the textiles that are found across the continent.


Gem Geo


This tribal diamond wallpaper is available in Green Tea, Stone Grey, and Sapphire Blue, making a subtle yet stylish statement across interiors. This versatile, small-scale print pairs well with your existing boho wall decor and brings a touch of style to laundry rooms, entryways, living rooms and more. Shop Gem Geo today.

Inspired by the Far East

This block print pattern is reminiscent of foulard, a light silk fabric that is known for its soft texture and simple twill weave.

“Throughout my life, I’ve always had a strong desire to travel and explore the world. I’m fascinated by discovering new cultures and connecting with people from around the globe. My nomadic adventures were always so free-spirited. I love how our Wanderlust Collection captures that feeling.” – Jennifer Matthews

Bohemian style feels relaxed, bold and a bit unconventional. This popular design style is meant for anyone looking to infuse their home with more culture, color and pattern. If bohemian or eclectic is your design style, incorporating boho decorations into your interior is easier than ever with our removable wallpaper designs.

Explore More of our Boho Wallpaper Prints

From the iridescent scallops featured in our Brass Belly print to the oversized palm trees found in our Grand Palm peel and stick wall mural, we offer a wide range of bold and beautiful patterns at Tempaper. If you are looking for the best boho wallpaper for your bathroom remodel, enrich your space with our newly added prints such as Painted Palm or Cabana. Both bohemian designs add a bold splash of color and a hint of retro to your home.

For your cooking space, the best boho removable wallpaper for your kitchen or pantry includes Lemons wallpaper from our Nesting with Grace Collection or Citrus Gradient from our Wright Kitchen Collection. These boho-inspired selections will add the perfect pop of citrus to your space.

You can easily update boho bedrooms with our casual and coastal wallpaper such as Amalfi or our elegant and sophisticated wallpaper such as Bird Watching from Cynthia Rowley.

For boho-inspired living rooms, you’ll find popular prints such as Feather Flock from our Genevieve Gorder Collection and Gatsby Scallop, a swanky art deco wallpaper decor choice.

At Tempaper, we offer high-quality boho wallpaper designs for every room. Shop our wide selection on our website today.

Finding the perfect print for your space can be challenging. If you are having a difficult time visualizing how a certain pattern will work in your home, our new Wallpaper Visualizer is available on our website.