Removable Wallpaper: Customer Spotlight, Peel and Stick Wallpaper Breathes New Life into an Old Room

Tempaper, we love hearing from customers about their experience with our removable wallpaper. Read through Susan’s testimonial and order our block print floral for yourself or take a look at our other removable wallpaper options

Susan and Our Block Print Floral Removable Wallpaper

After my fiancé and I bought a home together, we ran into a few of the same challenges that first-time home buyers experience, including how to turn an unused bedroom into a functional home office.

I knew that I wanted to go bold with my office design. However, with the possibility of selling our home in the future, I was hesitant to commit to traditional wallpaper or flashy paint colors. 

While searching for a quick and temporary solution, I came across Tempaper. Although I wasn’t too familiar with peel and stick wallpaper, I decided that it would be worth it to take a chance so I went ahead and made a purchase.

I’m so happy that I did! Although choosing an intricate pattern required a bit of patience, I’m thrilled with my decision and was pleasantly surprised to discover how easily it peels off the wall. 

Throughout the process, I learned a few solutions to make the application easier for next time and am now feeling inspired to add wallpaper to my bathroom.

I love how the wallpaper looks in my home and would recommend Tempaper to anyone who wants to upgrade their space without any permanent commitments!  

Tempaper Customer: Susan S.